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The first part of the project Sign’Hom consists of discovering and sharing some of experiences and personal paths related to the world of knowledge, training, and education. From exploring how learning begins and how it is retained, to examining the roles of innovation, evaluation and transmission.

The Sign’Hom journey is an adventure with a view to taking a closer look at ideas which we might not fully understand; an adventure led by our curiosity to discover what distance, our differences and other obstacles have kept hidden until today.

Finally the Sign’Hom journey is a research project whose objective is to contribute to: the diffusion of interesting experiences, initiatives, conceptions and approaches to the world of knowledge, education, and training; making society aware of the challenges the world of knowledge is facing; thought and discourse; elaborating proposals.


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The itinerary of the Sign’Hom journey will follow the path of players in the world of knowledge: through borders, deserts, mountains and valleys, rivers and oceans of the five continents, we will explore, in the heart of the harshest and most isolated regions, as well as in the most modern and connected cities, the most inspiring and innovative initiatives.

The initial itinerary of the Sign’Hom journey will be dictated by programmed visits and scheduled interviews, but it will be open to adventure. As we gather information from meeting with others and from their experiences, our journey will undoubtedly lead us into new unexplored territories.

Sign’Hom is first and foremost a journey through cultural diversity, through ideas and values and a journey through time.

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Cultural diversity

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A journey through cultural diversity

An essential part of this journey is the diversity of the countries and regions which we will travel through in order to meet with other individuals who share our passion for education. This diversity will yield ideas, proposals and solutions just as varied as the economic, social and cultural conditions from which they come.

We will conduct interviews with people of various levels of responsibility, whose experience will provide the Sign’Hom project with insightful perspectives: teachers, editors, researchers, professionals, NGO personnel, leaders in public and private institutions, company heads, political leaders, artists, writers, thinkers, athletes, adventurers…

Ideas and values


A journey through ideas and values

The ideas and the values behind educational projects, political reform, or generally speaking, behind any given society are a reflection of the varying conceptions of “why”, “who” “how” “towards what” which make up the different models in relation to knowledge and education.

These ideas and these values are found in places traditionally associated with the spreading of knowledge (schools, universities, and training centres) just as much as in other sources of learning (family, social and professional environments, hobbies).

The Sign’Hom journey is a human adventure to gather information about people’s experiences. Our goal is to see beyond the differences in age, context, and value systems and focus on the common ground: the desire to create, express, transmit, learn, invent, maintain and innovate.



A journey through time

As part of its research, the project Sign’Hom will look back in time in order to focus on the world of education, training and knowledge and its challenges of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

In this sense, in addition to the bibliographical resources, we will gather memoirs and experiences from people who have taken diverse paths, with the aim of illustrating the evolution of these ideas over time from a very personal angle.

Sign’Hom experiences

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