Sign’Hom network


Sign’Hom network

Sign’Hom is a unique and innovative platform bringing together international actors and experiences, generating new synergies between cross-cutting areas and fostering global interaction in education, training and knowledge.

Sign’Hom’s mission is to help provide answers to the challenges of education, training and knowledge, by acting as a bridge between isolated experiences and offering inspirational brainstorming to any actor in any part of the world.

Sign’Hom builds bridges between spheres of knowledge and the most various stakeholders by acting as a catalyst for the currently fragmented worlds which, beyond specialisms, age differences, context, aspirations and values, find a common denominator in their wish to create, express, transmit, learn, invent, conserve and innovate.

In the Sign’Hom platform needs and answers converge. Sign’Hom creates new information flows and experiences, and thus expands the range of answers to the challenges of the 21st Century.



Sign’Hom personality

The strength and originality of the Sign’Hom network comes from its global viewpoint and the diversity of the individuals and institutions which it brings together. As they strive for improvement, they share a passion, desire, and ambition to always move forward. Frequently, they implement their own models and projects which are a source of general interest due to their diverse nature and unique outlook.

Sign’Hom fosters the ability to establish multidirectional channels of connection and information, counting on the value of very varied perspectives. Sign’Hom provides multidirectionality in information and experience flows. As a global network linking experiences and actors committed with the value of knowledge and culture, Sign’Hom boosts the multiplier effect of any isolated action.

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Sign’Hom actors

Sign’Hom network is based upon the exploration around the world of a wide selected range of inspirational and successful initiatives, at different action levels: Schools, universities, research centers, art workshops, cultural institutions, specialized training centers, libraries, associations, sport centers and any relevant player for his field, whose performance, ideas and personality can be interesting in other contexts.

Sign’Hom is an international network of information, contacts, learning experiences and references. It is designed for educational and governmental institutions, as well as for other bodies representing civil society, for students and for professionals in private companies, all converging in their interest, actions and conviction that challenges of 21st Century go through access to knowledge, training, information and culture.

Sign’Hom brings together the interests, the sensibilities and the initiatives generated in these communities through a platform that fosters synergies and cross-cutting contributions.

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Sign’Hom horizons

The Sign’Hom network offers immediate and dynamic access to a wide range of promising and inspiring reflections, experiences and models, providing a positive impact on overcoming the main challenges of the knowledge society. This purpose requires a complex balance of capabilities in order to: create and innovate, protect and preserve, build the future and value the heritage of memory, encourage open and critical mind, and awaken a thirst to learn, to understand and to discover.

Being a sounding board for enriching and successful experiences, by bringing together and connecting actors and such varied and committed organizations, through the building of bridges in the application of efficient proposals and models, Sign’Hom will generate synergies, bringing together talents, energies and sensitivities in the service of seeking new ways and faster implementation of efficient solutions to meet the challenges in education and knowledge.

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