Rosa García Miralles

Rosa García Miralles was born in 1973 in Barcelona, a city which is both industrial and modernist. She belongs to one of the first generations in Spain for whom the Franco Regime does not form a part of their personal experience. Her career has been characterized by her international education, her humanistic motivations and her experience in the development of synergies.

International Education

International Education

From the very beginning, she received a solid and liberal education at Aula Escuela Europea in Barcelona, one of the most interesting schools in Spain. That is where she developed her critical and analytical skills, received a complete and multilingual education, and made the decision to continue her studies in economics.

She received her Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Univeritat de Barcelona and in International Economics from the Université Paris-Dauphine. She also studied international relations to compliment this strictly economic approach.

Along with her international academic career, Rosa García Miralles has also continuously developed her passion for learning languages. Aside from her native languages, Spanish and Catalan, she speaks fluent English and French and has a good level of Italian and German. She has also begun to study Chinese language and culture.

Humanistic motivations

Humanistic motivations

She furthered her studies in Economics of Development at the University of California, Berkley during the summer of 1992. Moreover, her interest in understanding one of the central conflicts in global geopolitics led her to take a specialized course The Middle East in the Post- Cold War at Harvard University’s summer program.

She later received her Master’s degree in International and European Relations from the Amsterdam School of International Relations where she furthered her study of global geopolitics and the legal and economic issues that characterize supranational relations between countries.

Experience in developing synergies

Experience in developing synergies

Professionally, her career has also had an international dimension.

She worked in the International Relations Department at the Universitat de Barcelona for three years developing European programs: Erasmus, a university student exchange program and Leonardo, which fosters the cooperation between universities and companies at a European level.

She worked for two years in the banking sector (La Caixa, and BBVA).

In the past fourteen years, she has had several management positions in financial departments in multinational companies like Seat (VW group) and T-Systems (Deutsche Telekom group).

The changes of environment and the growth objectives, at a market and staff level, are constant challenges in these management positions.

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