The Sign’Hom project has been created by Rémi Bader and Rosa García Miralles.

Our respective paths have led us to discover that the fields of education and training, on one hand, and of economics and business, on the other, have many aspects in common. They both face a great number of challenges pertaining to progress, change, development, creativity, innovation, sustainability, equality and liberty. Along the way, we have also discovered that the key to these challenges lies in an individual’s education.

There are fundamental principles which should be cultivated from the youngest of ages: the impulse of curiosity, the spirit of initiative, the sense of responsibility, the strength of character, the need for analytical rigor, imagination, originality, respect, and solidarity. These values remind us of the necessity to continuously question ourselves throughout life. Individuals, organizations, and projects related to education and training play a crucial role in promulgating these values and are therefore at the heart of all these issues.

At Sign’Hom we aim to implement a project that is consistent with our ideals, our questions, and our desire to contribute to a dynamic of progress and change in our society.

By setting out to meet with a diverse pool of individuals involved in education and training throughout the world, by discovering new ways to approach projects and provide new and original solutions, by connecting these energies, ideas, and individuals we are building a unique platform. A global, transversal and plural platform that allows us to learn, share and act with newly found perspectives. We want to face the challenges of the future by fostering development and cooperation among individuals involved in different projects of education.

Rémi Bader

Rosa García Miralles

Ⓒ Sign'Hom 2011