Why Project Sign’Hom?

There is a consensus in our society which greatly values training, education and the world of knowledge. Yet, faced with the challenges of the 21st Century –globalization, the introduction of new technologies, inequality in development, the rapid pace of change, utilitarian and materialistic pressure in the fields of knowledge and education– the proposals which are put forward rarely offer a perspective beyond what is short term.They tend to conform to what is already familiar and to customary methods.
Furthermore, discourse often focuses on stating the difficulties and failures and in highlighting the lack of resources.

The debate around education and knowledge rarely escapes the “crisis” diagnosis and fails to go deep into the matter:
Is there a “crisis” because of an inability to question essential issues? Is there a “crisis” because, despite asking the right questions, we dislike the answers? Is there a “crisis” because we do not know how to use the resources we have at hand?
And yet, despite these setbacks, there are still many vital, creative and brave initiatives, ideas and paths that awaken talent and bring about change. This is key in these fields which are constantly striving for progress and excellence.

Ⓒ Sign'Hom 2011