How does the world of knowledge, education and training change at each of its stages? How does it evolve when faced with changes brought about by the 21st Century which have a global or a local impact?

What are our current priorities in our models of education, training and in the field of knowledge? What will be the priorities of future generations?

At the heart of Project Sign’Hom is the conviction that now, more than ever, it is necessary to consult different sources of inspiration in order to enrich reflexion and discourse related to the world of knowledge, education and training.
The diversity in points of view and the priorities that make up each context – in ideological, socio-cultural, economic, human, geographical and temporal terms – offer valuable opportunities to broaden thought and the possibility of action.
The objective of project Sign’Hom is to focus on research and exploration. As such, the results of our objectives will be, without a doubt, surprising and enriching.
A global perspective in the challenges faced becomes more and more evident over time. There are multiple local initiatives. The resources we have at hand allow us to take these local initiatives and turn them into global experiences. They enable us to create a network of actions which will no longer be isolated and, in the possibilities gained from interaction, find new opportunities.

Sign’Hom wants to be a catalyst.

Ⓒ Sign'Hom 2011